Sanskriti Dance Creation : AstAm - Duality of Movement

Sanskriti Dance Creations is the creative wing of Sanskriti Temple of Fine Arts. We promote artistic creations and collaborations with local, national, and international artists. Sanskriti Dance Creations works primarily on the choreographic work of our Founder and Artistic Director, Naren Ganesan. This year's feature production is "ASTAM - Duality of Movement".

Commemorating the 2nd Annual Feature Presentation of Sanskriti Dance Theatre for GnanaShala, "ASTAM" defines the various forms of duality that exists in our journey through various chapters of Puranas (Hindu mythological epics) and Ithihasas (social stories) .

Duality exists in different forms around us: ArdhaNareeshwara, or the duality of man and woman; the sound of dance enunciated by the Damaru & the dancing Lord Shiva; the Sun and the Moon; and even birth and death. Astam literally means, "the two of them were there".

Get ready to identify all the dualities this year in our feature production, "ASTAM". With an amazing line up of talented, young dancers from Alberta, Sanskriti is excited to present new choreography and entice you! Don't forget to show your support and enjoy the fun by joining us on September 1, 2017 at Festival Place, Sherwood Park.

If you havent purchased your tickets yet, get them here! CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

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