Glimpsing Back at GnanaShala 2016

As I reminisce the events that brought together GnanaShala 2016, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lata Pada (Artistic Director, Sampradaya Foundation, ON) & Jai Govinda (Artistic Director, Mandala Arts, BC) for their continued support, mentorship and encouragement.

In 2015, Sampradaya invited me for the conference they hosted in Toronto. Lata's kind words while addressing the next generation of artists inspired me to create a vision for Alberta and bring Art and Artists together through a annual conference to learn, grow, succeed and thrive.

Gnana, meaning path to knowledge, and Shala, the school of training, thereby forming the name GnanaShala is the annual feature event of Sanskriti Dance Theatre. This structure of learning through workshops and lecture demonstrations is not new, but it's a unique pathway for the next generation of artistic professionals in fine arts.

As a great start, Guru Jai Govinda accepted our invitation and was one of our resident artists for the year GnanaShala 2016. We were also fortunate to have Guru Satya Bama, a senior faculty from Kalakshetra, to inaugurate the event and bring quality training to the younger generation of classical dancers of Alberta.

With over 350 guests over the span of three days, 25 students in workshops everyday, six eminent panelists, five local artists of various classical dance genres, two international dance legends, and one conference - GnanaShala 2016 was a sure success. Following that outstanding year, Sanskriti Dance Theatre is all geared up to feature GananShala 2017.

This year will be twice as more enjoyable than last year. We have an awesome line up this year...Look out for the post coming out soon!

From Left To Right, Jai Govinda, Lata Pada, Naren Ganesan

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